Nancy Spungen Quotes

1. I'm friends with just about everybody. I know everybody. A lot of my really good friends are in the top bands. Musicians - a lot of them are really nice, you know? But sometimes they are really terrible.

2. I could haven been a ward of the state. I had like a lotta problems. I was just real different from everybody else. I was a lot smarter than them. So I just started to really rebel against my parents, I hated them a lot. They got real worried and sent me to a shrink. They just couldn't handle it, I hated them so badly. I just couldn't stand them. My parents didn't like me at all. They just weren't into what I was into.

3. I slept in the same bed as John for two nights and he said to me "You want it but you're not going to get it'. Don't you think it means that he just wanted to get into my pants?

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